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Our Stained Glass Windows

Our new Sanctuary opened in December of 2002. These are the windows of the church and the names of those who donated each window.

Glass stained windows Noah

Noah Donated by Harriet Ann Stowe

Abraham Donated by Phyllis S. Stowe

Moses Donated by Audrey Tess Currie

Ruth Donated by Martha Thompson

Donated by Charles & JoAnn Patrick

Donated by Mickey & Linda Wheeler

Donated by Dixie Dykes & Robbie Douglas

Feeding 5000
Donated by Alice Stephenson

Donated by Wednesday Work Crew

Donated by Mac & Jackie Spruce

Three windows make up the Nativity.
Donated by Forrest & Petie Scott, Anna Kirkland and Shirley & Gerald Carver

Donated by J.C. & Lucy Wright
In this beautiful window at the front of the church are many significant symbols of the church.
Can you find the eagle, the lion, the fish and the cross and the flames?

In 1937, our then new sanctuary, (now our chapel) was opened with 16 beautiful stained glass windows.  Each window was donated and dedicated to honor or remember loved ones.  The light from these windows is remarkable to this day and illuminates our beloved chapel.