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13 Jan

Thou shalt not Fear

Pastor Jack begins his new sermon series with this first ‘Not’ commandment. What do you fear? You don’t have to be afraid, even if there’s something to be afraid of.

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06 Jan

Prepare the Way – Find

Pastor Jack concludes this series with ‘Prepare the Way – Find’ Whenever we come to church, we are coming to the teaching steps.  Like the shepherds and the wise men, we too are searching for the light and love of the Christ.  And when we find him, we will spread that light to others.

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30 Dec

Prepare the Way – Search

Pastor Jack continues his Advent series.  There’s a whole lot of searching going on.

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24 Dec

Prepare the Way – Arrive

On this Christmas Eve, we celebrate the arrival of the newborn king.

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23 Dec

Prepare the Way – Welcome

In this season of Christmas,  welcome Him so that you can be the one to welcome others.

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