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10 Feb

Thou shalt not doubt

Pastor Jack concludes this series on the Not Commandments with Thou Shalt Not Doubt.  Questions to ask when we doubt:  Is it worth it?  Is it true?  We work through our doubts with the help of Jesus.

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03 Feb

Thou shalt not Judge

Kyle Powell continues this sermon series of the ‘Not’ Commandments; what Jesus told us NOT to do.  This week:  Judge Not. Why do we judge?  We are jealous or self-righteous.  How do we want to be judged?  We want to be judged with mercy, grace and understanding.

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27 Jan

Thou Shalt not Worry

Pastor Jack continues this important series on the ‘Not’ commandments.  This week, Thou shalt not Worry.  Put the cross of Christ on all of your worries.

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20 Jan

Thou Shalt not Sin

Pastor Jack continues this series on the ‘Not’ commandments given by Jesus.  This week is ‘Sin Not’ and take on Jesus Christ to be the follower he call you to be.  

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13 Jan

Thou shalt not Fear

Pastor Jack begins his new sermon series with this first ‘Not’ commandment. What do you fear? You don’t have to be afraid, even if there’s something to be afraid of.

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